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CASRO hosts webinars on various topics. The content is objective, the presenters expert. From management issues, professional skills development and sales techniques, to the processes involved in market research projects, these recorded sessions provide convenient, affordable training.


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Research Methods & Trends

Survey Strategies for the Mobile Era
Originally webcast in June 2015

Research studies are becoming less representative and less accurate. It’s a disturbing trend and can be traced, in part, to the fact that questionnaire design is not keeping up with the 20 to 30% of participants using mobile devices. Those who are younger, male, or a minority are more likely to use a smartphone to complete a survey. But because most surveys are designed on and for desktop and laptop computers, failure rates soar for mobile participants and therefore samples become skewed.


Randall K. Thomas
,GfK Custom Research
George Terhanian, The NPD Group

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Fundamentals of Sampling in an Online World
Originally webcast in February 2015

Having a representative sample is key to making sound business decisions. In this webinar you will learn the fundamentals of sampling with a focus on online sampling practices. Understand how to define the relevant universe, stratify samples and ensure that your sample is representative; appreciate the pros and cons of telephone and online samples and avoid sampling faux pas.

Susan Frede,VP, Research Methods & Best Practices Lightspeed GMI

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Research Techniques: Market Segmentation
Originally webcast in November 2014

Rather than a "one-size-fits-all" marketing and product management approach, segmentation divides consumers into different subgroups, allowing for more effective targeting and positioning. In practice, many segmentation studies fail to have a positive impact on corporate strategy. This presentation will be an introduction to market segmentation and how to employ the technique to render successful outcomes.

Topics addressed include:

  • What is segmentation?
  • Why conduct a segmentation?
  • Segmentation criteria
  • Different segmentation approaches-Strategies for a successful and actionable segmentation

This webinar is ideal for: Entry and mid-level researchers, project managers, account executives and new analysts who want to better understand some of the most commonly used research techniques.


Jeffrey Clarke, Western Governors University
Gary Parilis
, Chief Research Officer, Greenwich Associates

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Research & The Internet of Things
Originally webcast in September 2014

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a computing concept that describes a future where everyday physical objects – wearable devices, media devices, home automation devices, smart appliances – will be connected to the Internet. These objects will in turn be connected to surrounding objects and database data. This evolving phenomenon has significant potential applications as well as challenges for market research. This webinar provides an overview of the IoT along with potential applications and challenges for those working in the business intelligence industry.

Ideal for: Chief Research Officers, Directors of IT, Privacy Officers, Presidents and other executives charged with the future direction of their company’s research and data collection.


Aaron Holloway, Managing Partner, LiteKey
Pat Molloy, Consulting Chief Information Officer, Salience Insight
Peter Milla, Principal, Peter Milla Consulting

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Finding Meaning in Mobile Behavioral Data
Originally webcast in February 2014

As we move into the mobile research world, we encounter new capabilities, one of which is the behavioral data collected from users’ mobile devices. But who are the people who will let you track their devices, and how do they compare to the general population? What data is available? And more importantly, how does one go about analyzing this type of data, and what kind of decision-making information can it yield? During this session, our presenters share research findings that answers these questions, and present a behaviorally targeted survey case study. This research was originally presented at the 2013 CASRO Technology Conference.

Melanie Courtright, Senior Vice President, Operations, Americas, Research Now
Roddy Knowles, Senior Delivery Manager, Mobile Research Expert, Research Now

Also Featuring: Latest Developments in Mobile Research

Kristin Luck, President & CMO, Decipher

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IT Webinar:E-Mail Delivery
Staying IN Compliance and OUTof the Filter

Information to Optimize
Survey Response Rates & Recruitment Efforts


Originally webcast in November, 2013

Although alternate methods for directing respondents to online surveys are becoming commonplace, email remains a primary channel. Impediments to email delivery continue to evolve–recent challenges include a shifting Internet security landscape and significant changes at major e-mail service providers.

This webinar provides information to help you and your team optimize e-mail delivery – enabling you to maintain a stronger relationship with current panelists and increase your ability to engage new respondents.

The rise of phishing and the resulting counter measures is discussed – understand steps you can take to make your e-mails less "phishy”.

This webinar addresses:

  • Survey e-mail deliverability best practices and compliance
  • Security practices that threaten e-mail delivery and associated best practices

This webinar is ideal for:Panel managers, project directors, IT staff; others involved with respondent engagement, data collection and e-mail delivery.


Sandeep Sambhi, Head of Global Email Delivery, Ipsos IT

Peter Milla, Consultant

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Demystifying the ISO Research Standards
Originally webcast in September 2013

The ISO research standards (ISO 20252 and ISO 26362) are globally recognized quality standards for our industry. Implementation and certification to these standards within your company can provide a credential that is recognized worldwide. The implementation process itself delivers a strategic, standardized elevation of quality throughout a company and a successful certification will award your company with the global credential sought after by clients and partners worldwide. Around the globe, more companies are recognizing the value of certification and clients are responding.

Companies that make the decision to commit their company to raising the bar of quality and certify, stand out from the crowd and prove their commitment to efficient and reputable market research practices.

CASRO is offering this free opportunity for you to find out about these standards and hear from one company that has achieved success.

In this free webinar you will:

  • Receive an overview of what the ISO research standards are all about
  • Understand the areas covered by ISO 20252 and ISO 26362
  • Learn the steps your company needs to take to comply with these standards

Free Download

Topics in Respondent Engagement
Originally webcast in August 2013

Researchers continue to face increased competition for respondent attention. While the topic is as broad as it is important, new research shared in this webinar centers on optimizing surveys for short attention spans and implementing more effective "attention traps”.

This webinar features two highly rated presentations from the 2013 CASRO Online Research Conference.

"Shorter Isn't Always Better”

This experiment addresses the impact of survey length and complexity on respondent fatigue and engagement. The working hypothesis is that a core group of panelists do not fatigue easily or benefit from seemingly more engaging survey enhancements, while the group that does is difficult to engage long term without drastically altering the subject matter. In short, one size does not fit all. Statistical models predicting engagement that leave out interactions between design elements and personality may be underspecified and lead to the wrong conclusions.

"Do I Have Your Full Attention?”

When respondents fail our attention traps we like to think it has been proven that they were not paying attention. How do we know that inattention is what we are trapping? This original research will demonstrate that what we consider ‘inattention’ might better be explained through the concepts of cognitive under specification. It is the trap itself that causes the failure—the respondent’s response is entirely normal and human.


Inna Burdein, Director of Panel Analytics, The NPD Group, Inc.
Pete Cape, Global Knowledge Director, SSI

Moderated by
John Bremer, Chief Research Officer, Toluna


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Mobile Research
Originally webcast in July 2013

With more of us checking e-mail on smartphones or tablets, more surveys are being opened on these mobile devices. However many of these surveys were not intended for smaller screens, which may lead to numerous issues that impact completion rates and data quality. What can be done to address this "unintentional” mobile data collection?

This webinar features presentations on this and other critical mobile research issues.

You will gain a better understanding of potential survey rendering problems and how to:

  • Maximize response rates
  • Minimize bias between mobile and non-mobile
  • Optimize the survey for the data collection mode
  • Enhance the "look and feel” of mobile surveys

Questions to be probed include:

  • Can data from mobile and non-mobile responders be meaningfully combined?
  • Will a mobile-friendly design decrease drop-offs and survey lengths for smart phone responders?
How does question presentation or the usability of a survey instrument impact results?


Jamie Baker-Prewitt, Senior Vice President, Decision Sciences, Burke, Inc.
Kevin Lattery, Vice President Marketing Science, Maritz Research, Inc.
Gloria Park Bartolone, Senior Vice President, Global Fieldwork Operations, Maritz Research, Inc.
Gregg Peterson, Senior Vice President/Research Operations, Market Strategies International


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Utilizing Twitter for Research
Originally webcast in July 2013

While limited to just 140 characters, Tweets constitute an enormous amount of data when you consider the many millions sent each day. Some researchers have chosen to ignore this content, but others see value in the data if they can effectively extract insights and share them in a meaningful way with their clients.

This presentation will identify the strengths and weaknesses in utilizing Twitter for research, and how the advent of this social network is impacting traditional research approaches.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to use open source tools to technically and analytically read the Twitter pipe and process data
  • The differences between Twitter and other social networking data
  • How Twitter may be a useful resource for market research
  • The trade-offs involved in using social media data for research

An overview of the types of tools available, as well as current text analytic techniques and limitations, will be covered.


Carol Haney, Vice President, Product Marketing, Toluna
Joe Murphy, Survey Methodologist, RTI International


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