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CASRO hosts webinars on various topics. The content is objective, the presenters expert. From management issues, professional skills development and sales techniques, to the processes involved in market research projects, these recorded sessions provide convenient, affordable training.


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Management/Professional Skills

Marketing: Tips, Tricks & Techniques
Originally webcast in August 2015

Get valuable advice on key marketing areas, including: e-mail marketing, social media, advertising, websites and conference exhibiting.

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Are You Prepared for the Future of Market Research?
Originally webcast in July 2015

Filling the Pipeline with New Talent; Helping Current Personnel Meet New Demand Market Research is facing exciting yet disruptive innovations that are shaking up the industry and changing the staffing paradigm. How is your company addressing recruiting and professional development initiatives? What can we do individually and collectively to change the way recent graduates and job changers size up our industry and career opportunities within it? And how do we help current staffers develop the new skill sets needed to stay relevant and move ahead in their careers?

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How to differentiate your firm in a crowded marketplace
Originally webcast in June 2015

As the leader of a research firm, you have a virtually unlimited number of marketing strategies to choose from, but none more important than "differentiating your firm in the marketplace.” The trick is in finding the PODs – Points of Differentiation – that are right for your business. This webinar will help you find your POD and leverage it to your benefit.

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Unlock Business Growth: The "key" elements to your marketing and sales plan
Originally webcast in April 2015

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail – nowhere is that more certain than in marketing and sales. This webinar will introduce you to an effective planning tool – The Marketing & Sales Pyramid™ – and take you through the steps required to formulate a comprehensive and successful marketing and sales plan

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Engage & Persuade with Content Marketing
Originally webcast in December 2014

Why is content marketing all the rage? If done well, it can effectively serve as a sales force –engaging prospective clients and compelling them to purchase.

But using content – whether it’s a blog, video, or whitepaper – to garner interest in your company and its services is not easy. In a society and marketplace deluged with information, it is difficult to be noticed, let alone to be perceived as truly unique.

Your material must be relevant, educational, and engaging.

So, what should you write about?

How do you share your thoughts in an engaging way?

In this session you will learn best practices for delivering and integrating content. Our speakers will relate the value of keeping a content calendar and explore the benefits and drawbacks to the many forms of media that can be used as touch points.

This webinar is ideal for: Heads of marketing and their staff, as well as anyone charged with building their company's brand and position as a market leader / expert.


Susan Spaulding, Principal, Recalibrate Strategies
Anne Aldrich, Partner, Artemis Strategy Group
Lisa Viselli, Vice President, Corporate Marketing, Market Strategies International

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Grow Your Business with Referrals
Originally webcast in June 2014

The easiest business to win is from referrals. Capture these sales by transforming your entire workforce into a referral engine. In this convenient webinar, you will learn how to make your company more referable and how to be intentional with referral marketing.

You'll hear valuable examples from successful consultants and learn the 4Cs of Referral Marketing - Content, Context, Connection and Community. You also will receive templates for building a list of people you know, people you want to know, companies of interest, best practices for building your LinkedIn profile, e-mail introductions and building your elevator pitch.

With a brief, pre-webinar audit, we will help identify your current shortcomings and the steps you need to take to get your company's referral engine firing on all cylinders. Don't miss this opportunity to generate more sales by engaging your entire team in the business development process.

Susan Spaulding, Principal, Recalibrate Strategies
Daniel Coates, President, Ypulse; Moderator

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Corporate ID Check: Differentiate or Disappear
Why Your Company Needs to Create a Unique Core Difference and How to do it –

Originally webcast in March 2014

If clients don't see the difference in what you do, you are the same as your competition and you will effectively be invisible. Oftentimes, we think a promotional tactic will satisfy. Unfortunately, that can lead to an unsystematic "marketing idea of the week” approach.

What you need is a well-defined strategy that:
  • Defines your ideal client
  • Embraces the art of differentiation
  • Provides an anchor for which business decisions are founded
Hear from an executive with extensive experience in the market research field. Receive valuable takeaways to help you and your team better define and communicate your company’s skills and services.

This event is ideal for
: Senior level marketing and sales executives, as well as CEOs/Owners/Presidents of research firms concerned with their company's position in the marketplace and how they can more effectively identify and communicate their unique features.


Susan Spaulding, Principal, Recalibrate Strategies

Dan Coates, President, Ypulse, Inc.

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Virtual Presentations That Work

Originally webcast in March 2013

Communicating virtually via webinar can provide great time and cost savings, but those benefits are wiped out if your message isn’t being understood or appreciated by your audience.

Whether you are leading periodic meetings with staff in remote locations, presenting research results to clients, or trying to convince a new prospect – you must be confident you are doing all you can to engage those viewing your screen.

You may be confident in your presentation skills, but many don’t fully appreciate the vast differences between presenting live and addressing the same content via webinar.

You’ll Get Tips On:

  • Engaging people you can’t see
  • Getting people to participate
  • Developing visual aids for online delivery
  • Keeping people focused
  • Ensuring that your message is being heard and understood
Greg Owen-Boger, Vice President Turpin Communication, Inc.


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Optimizing Company Value

Originally webcast in October, 2013

This webinar outlines more than 40 steps companies can take to boost bottom line results and improve company health. You also receive counsel regarding corporate and legal clean-up necessary prior to any transaction.

This event is ideal for: CEOs/Owners, Presidents, COOs and CFOs of research firms, as well as other senior executives tasked with improving operational efficiencies and revenue streams. It is especially valuable to companies looking to raise funds, partner with other firms, or planning to sell or merge in the short or long term.

Areas covered include:

  • Cleaning up your balance sheet
  • Enhancing the quality of your earnings
  • Eradicating debt
  • Improving your company’s position in the market
  • Strengthening your management team
  • Bolstering client relationships


Simon Chadwick
Managing Partner
Cambiar L.L.C.

Duane Berlin
Lev & Berlin, P.C.


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