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CASRO hosts webinars on various topics. The content is objective, the presenters expert. From management issues, professional skills development and sales techniques, to the processes involved in market research projects, these recorded sessions provide convenient, affordable training.


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The Physician Payment Sunshine Act – What Researchers Need to Know
Originally webcast in February 2016

Market research companies and their pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturer clients which seek to survey physicians have had to contend with the commencement of incentive reporting requirements under the Physician Payment Sunshine Act. It has been more than two years since the new requirements set off a flurry of questions and for some companies deployment of new research protocols.

Market researchers on the agency and client side continue to have questions about the Sunshine Act as they work through new projects. CASRO has fielded many questions during the past few months on this topic. Therefore, we felt it was a good time to provide a fresh review of the law, share answers to some of the FAQs received and to personally address the questions you may have on the subject.

FAQs to be addressed involve such issues as:
  • Manufacturer-provided sample
  • Adverse event reporting
  • Sunshine Act reporting
  • Recognizing Health Care Providers during qualitative sessions
We review the main points of this important legislation and how market researchers can best address its requirements in "real life” scenarios.


Your Privacy Policy - A Checklist to Market Research Firms
Originally webcast in February 2016

To many, a privacy policy is that tiny link hiding out in the footer of a website or a pop-up screen you blankly stare at before clicking "Accept”. For companies engaged in market research, however, privacy policies are an essential document – one that can provide valuable assurances to research participants and an effective shield against regulation. This webinar will provide guidance on how your company can craft a comprehensive, well-worded privacy statement that provides needed transparency and the groundwork for appropriate accountability. Get tips to ensure that your privacy statement addresses all necessary areas and hear more about the importance of standing behind your privacy policy by ensuring that promised procedures are being implemented. Compliance with relevant laws such as the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), the California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA), and the EU Data Protection Directive will also be discussed. Having an effective privacy policy is about more than posting a clear statement on your website. Understand what a privacy policy needs to be and how it can provide a useful framework for how your company handles its data and communicates its responsibilities to research participants, clients and regulators.



Technology Considerations for the TCPA
Originally webcast in November 2015

The July 10 Declaratory Ruling by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) revising the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) has brought concern and confusion to market and survey researchers. The ruling addressed a number of issues, including the definition of an autodialer, consent and reassigned (ported) phone numbers. Market and survey researchers dealing with these compliance issues often find themselves with questions regarding the technology, including the dialing systems deployed in call centers. These include:What is an autodialer?Is my technology compliant?What do I need to do to bring my technology into compliance?How can I keep my technology in compliance?

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"Big Data vs Big Privacy
Originally webcast in June 2015

As businesses invest heavily in access to and analysis of "Big Data”, some data gathering practices have drawn the attention and ire of "Big Privacy” advocates. The Big Privacy movement is gaining steam. Its supporters are finding a voice and regulators are wielding bigger fines against violators. The average consumer may continue to be oblivious to how their online activity is being tracked, and how and where their personal data is being collected, stored and used. However that fact alone should not ease the minds of data collectors and researchers. There exists currently substantial risk and more storms are on the horizon.

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Privacy in the Cloud
Originally webcast in May 2015

Lured by the promise of lower costs and higher degrees of flexibility and scalability than "traditional” computing solutions, some market research firms have moved or are considering moving to the cloud. While there are plenty of benefits, there are corresponding risks -- including data privacy, data security, and accountability. This webinar provides expert, industry-specific advice that will speak to the concepts of cloud computing, data privacy in the cloud and the potential benefits and risks for market research.

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The Risks Within Our Industry
Originally webcast in April 2015

This session will inform you of the latest risks facing firms operating in the market research industry and how you can protect your company with the proper insurance coverage. Topics addressed will include: Explanation of the scope of and necessity for Professional Liability insurance; an overview of the CASRO/Hays Professional Liability program; details on the Cyber Liability coverage included. Time will be allotted for questions from the audience.

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Cross-Border Data Privacy: EU-US Safe Harbor and Beyond
Originally webcast in March 2015

This session will include a discussion of the EU-US Safe Harbor, the effects of the post-Snowden negotiations between the EU Commission and the US on the Safe Harbor, and how the APEC Cross Border Privacy compares to EU Safe Harbor. It’s valuable information for research companies that handle data from across the globe and must comply with various international regulations.

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Legal Issues: Calling Mobile Phones for Research
Originally webcast in September 2014

As Americans continue to abandon landline telephones in favor of their smarter and more portable counterparts, research faces many new challenges. Among the critical issues is compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) - the primary federal regulatory framework placing restrictions on unsolicited calls.In this webinar you’ll get expert interpretation of this important and often misunderstood regulation. This presentation explores the laws that govern telephonic contact with wireless phones, including recent interpretations, court cases and requests to the government that might signal important shifts on what is and is not permissible.

Ideal For: Legal Counsel, Privacy Officers, Directors of IT, Chief Research Officers, Phone Center Managers and anyone responsible for research projects derived from telephone responses.


Ashlin Quirk, General Counsel, SSI
Duane Berlin, Principal, Lev & Berlin, P.C.


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Legal Implications of Data Quality
Originally webcast in March 2014

This webinar addresses the importance of data quality in survey research, the methodologies that optimize the quality of data, and the potential impact poor data collection methodologies may have on market research results and, ultimately, client satisfaction.

The issue of data quality is also examined in connection with obtaining industry certifications and regulatory compliance, including how improvements in internal protocols for data collection and maintenance can impact data quality and build client confidence.

Among the topics discussed are:
  • Survey Error
  • Social Desirability Bias, Question Order Bias
  • Alternatives to Randomization
  • Questions to Ask about Survey Design
  • Organizational Challenges:How do you effectively identify, implement and communicate data quality best practices throughout your company and partner firms?
In addition, this webinar covers the importance of data quality in relation to corporate risk management and legal compliance.
  • Global Regulation Compliance
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • EU Data Directive
You'll also learn how certifications can address data quality issues
  • ISO 20252 and 26362 (Market Research Specific)
  • ISO 9001 (General Quality Management)
  • ISO 27001 (Non Market Research Specific - Technology/Security)
  • SSAE 16 (replaced SAS 70)

George Terhanian, Group Chief Strategy & Products Officer, Toluna
Duane Berlin, Principal, Lev & Berlin, P.C.
Peter Milla, Peter Milla Consulting
Jennifer Ward, Managing Director, CASRO Institute for Research Quality (CIRQ)

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Free Webinar: Network Security and Privacy Liability
Originally webcast in February 2014

Among the most significant threats to your business is a data breach. This complimentary webinar details how insurance can protect your company from potentially devastating claims.

Topics addressed include:
  • Network Security and Privacy Liability – Types of damage covered, who is covered and what triggers a claim
  • Regulatory Action – Which regulatory actions can be assessed and covered
  • First Party Breach Costs – The expenses that can be covered by insurance
  • The CASRO/Hays Professional Liability Policy – Details on the cyber coverage included in the policy
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David Wasson, Assistant Vice President, Cyber Liability Practice Leader, Hays Companies

Henry Cifuentes, Vice President, Hays Companies

Legal Webinar: Best Practices in Passive Data Collection

Originally webcasted in December 2013

As regulators attempt to keep pace with our increasingly interconnected and mobile world, conducting research in the digital realm has become more complex. This webinar providesguidance and insight into the legal, regulatory and best practice considerations for common uses of passive digital tracking and data collection in research (cookie-based, device IDs, non-cookie ID, third-party data sharing, etc.).

You will come away with a practical understanding of the privacy hot buttons in this space, regulatory priorities, pitfalls to avoid and best practice recommendations when using new technologies.

Our presenters discuss:

Federal and State Legal and Regulatory Initiatives
(FTC priorities; The "Internet of Things” – privacy concerns with measuring/analyzing connected devices; Data Brokers)

State Priorities (including updates from California (CalOPPA, Do Not Track, etc.)

The Changing Definition of Personal Information
(FTC viewpoints; Expansion of definition of PII under Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA); Update on Hulu Privacy Litigation (video viewing information)

Lessons Learned and Best Practices

  • Actions that have caused legal trouble for research firms
  • Best Practices for Newer Technologies (device/browser fingerprinting, device IDs., third party data sharing, etc.)
  • Location device tracking (retail tracking analytics)


George Pappachen, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Business Development, Kantar Media Ad Intelligence Group

Teresa Troester-Falk, Associate General Counsel – Privacy, The Nielsen Company

Duane Berlin, Principal, Lev & Berlin, P.C.


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IT Webinar:E-Mail Delivery
Staying IN Compliance and OUTof the Filter

Information to Optimize
Survey Response Rates & Recruitment Efforts

Originally webcast in November, 2013

Although alternate methods for directing respondents to online surveys are becoming commonplace, email remains a primary channel. Impediments to email delivery continue to evolve–recent challenges include a shifting Internet security landscape and significant changes at major e-mail service providers.

This webinar provides information to help you and your team optimize e-mail delivery – enabling you to maintain a stronger relationship with current panelists and increase your ability to engage new respondents.

The rise of phishing and the resulting counter measures is discussed – understand steps you can take to make your e-mails less "phishy”.

This webinar addresses:

  • Survey e-mail deliverability best practices and compliance
  • Security practices that threaten e-mail delivery and associated best practices

This webinar is ideal for:Panel managers, project directors, IT staff; others involved with respondent engagement, data collection and e-mail delivery.


Sandeep Sambhi, Head of Global Email Delivery, Ipsos IT

Peter Milla, Consultant

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Research in the EU: Privacy Issues for US Companies
Originally webcast in September, 2013

With 28 member states, the European Union is diverse in its culture, politics and economies. Conducting market research is a challenge for these reasons and many others, particularly the differing views of personal privacy and myriad data security laws across the continent.

This presentation covers recent developments surrounding several key issues and requirements faced by US companies that conduct research in the EU.

Considerable attention is paid to the matter of moving personal information among EU member countries and into the US. The presenters also discuss the EU Safe Harbor, one of the most common (and misunderstood) ways that US researchers deal with EU privacy issues.

This is important information for:

  • Compliance Directors
  • CEOs
  • Privacy / Security Officers
  • Information Systems Managers
  • HIPAA Officers
  • Chief Information Officers
  • General Counsel/Attorneys


Duane Berlin
CASRO General Counsel
Lev & Berlin, P.C.

Daniel Cooper
Covington & Burling LLP

Barry Ryan
Director, Policy & Communication


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Healthcare Research Regulation & Compliance
Originally webcast in May 2013

Firms involved with pharmaceutical/healthcare market research must prepare now to ensure compliance with recently issued US federal regulations – specifically revised HIPAA regulations and physician payment transparency provisions included in the Affordable Care Act.

This webinar outlines recent developments and details how they impact market researchers, enabling your company to formulate a compliance plan.

This is important information for:

  • Compliance Directors
  • CEOs
  • Privacy / Security Officers
  • Information Systems Managers
  • HIPAA Officers
  • Chief Information Officers
  • General Counsel/Attorneys
Jessica Santos, Global Compliance Director, Kantar Health
Russell Anderson, Attorney, Lev & Berlin, P.C.
Duane Berlin, Principal, Lev & Berlin, P.C.
Peter Milla, Consultant

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Big Data & Privacy
Originally webcast in February 2013

Companies in all industries have become enamored with the hidden gems of knowledge just waiting to be extracted from the vast flows of consumer information now available. But in their rush to embrace "Big Data” many ignore potentially devastating privacy issues.

Don’t put your company or your clients at risk. As you work with information culled from social media, e-mail, public and client-controlled customer databases, you and your staff must consider the affiliated privacy issues.

This webinar will provide a base understanding of big data, how it is used, and how it should be responsibly applied to market research projects.

  • Big Data - its creation, composition, use and problems
  • Challenges and opportunities for research
  • The players: Data collectors/aggregators; data users/monitors/protectors and subjects
  • Access to big data and how it erodes privacy
  • Privacy and how it is viewed/protected in the US and elsewhere
  • Privacy vs. security and safety
  • The fact that "data never dies"
  • Recommendations for market, opinion and social research practitioners
Duane Berlin, Principal, Lev & Berlin, P.C.
Peter Milla, Peter Milla Consulting


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Social Media Guidelines & Regulations
Originally webcast in November 2012

The zeal to gather consumer data from the Internet’s bottomless spring may result in risky practices that could derail projects, jeopardize client relationships and negatively impact your bottom line.

If you are conducting online social media research, or contract other firms to do it on your behalf, it is wise to be knowledgeable of the regulations and guidelines currently in place, as well as those on the horizon.

This webinar is ideal for: C-suite executives, privacy and compliance officers, as well as front-line practitioners, including data collection directors, IT directors and project managers.

You will get expert legal advice on how the CASRO Code of Standards and CASRO Social Media Research Guidelines apply to work in this fast-changing arena.

Topics will include:

  • Social Media Listening
  • Online Communities
  • FTC Privacy Policy Enforcement Actions
  • Violation of Website Terms of Use
  • EU Data Protection Directive
Annie Pettit, Vice President of Research Standards, Research Now; Chief Research Officer, Conversition Strategies Inc.
Russell Anderson, Lev & Berlin, P.C.
Peter Milla, Peter Milla Consulting


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