Membership Categories & Qualifications
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Membership Types

Full Service Research Company/Organization

For-profit, revenue-generating research companies/organizations whose principal business is full-service research. An organization's principal business shall be full-service research if that organization derives over 50% of its total annual gross operating revenue from full-service research (no dollar minimum). Full-service research is defined as a study in which data are gathered from respondents. Data may be gathered in person, by mail, fax, over the telephone or online, and simultaneously from groups or individuals one at a time. Doing full-service research means that the organization routinely renders, or arranges for (by subcontracting parts of projects) complete (full) research services, including but not limited to study design, questionnaire preparation, sample design, interviewing, data processing, statistical analysis, and report writing in conformity with generally accepted professional standards and with the CASRO Code of Standards and Ethics.

Organizations that are departments, divisions, subsidiaries, or are otherwise owned and/or managed by parent organizations must qualify as a full-service research company/organization in their own right, including deriving 50% of total gross operating revenue from full-service research.

Specialty Service Company/Organization

The following categories of membership represent research and research-related companies and organizations that are actively involved in the research process. Each organization also agrees to adhere to CASRO's Code of Standards and Ethics and must have been actively operating for at least one year at the time of application.

Specialty Services Research CompanyIncludes data collection agencies, tabulation and coding firms, software/hardware/systems companies, sampling firms and list houses, social media and other technologies or services relating to research.

Corporate Research DepartmentsIncludes research divisions, departments, and offices of end-user client corporations, advertising and media companies, consulting agencies, and database management firms.

Non-profit Research Departments/CompaniesIncludes government research agencies, departments, and offices, and research departments and offices within associations.

Company Representatives

All employees of a member company are included in the company Membership; however, we designate a Principal and up to two Alternate Representatives from each company. The Principal Representative serves as the primary CASRO contact and will receive information regarding membership dues renewal and information regarding any change in CASRO Bylaws or CASRO Code of Standards. The Principal and Alternative Representatives (to be provided on the application) will also be listed in our online Membership Directory.

Please see the Privacy Statement on page 4 of the application and also view our Privacy Policy for more information.



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