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CASRO, which represents nearly 350 research businesses based in the US and around the globe, is dedicated to enhancing the vitality and effectiveness of the research industry by ensuring that its members behave in ways that protect research participants and meet the needs of clients in an increasingly challenging business environment. One of the great strengths of our industry has been its longstanding commitment to ethical self-regulation, which has maintained an environment in which research can thrive.

We believe that for that legacy to be sustained, it’s important that all of us, our members and our clients, be fully educated about the issues we, as an industry, face. It is our goal to provide the opportunity for shared learning, discussion, debate, and ideally, alignment on the critical issues of the day. This section of our website is designed specifically for client organizations to learn more about current policy trends in a changing regulatory environment, CASRO’s efforts to advance quality control industry-wide, emerging technologies that affect all of us, and efforts to update guidelines and standards to address those technologies in effective ways.


CASRO produces conferences and webinars on numerous topics that are critical to the advancement and integrity of research. In 2014, the association produced three conferences which drew close to 1,000 senior executives and practitioners; several hundred attended 20+ webinars on topics spanning legal issues and regulation, to the many steps of the research process. View more information on these programs and details on upcoming events.

Standards & Ethics
CASRO is perhaps most well-known for its
Code of Standards and EthicsThe Code is a commitment by our members to ethical self-regulation, which has maintained an environment in which research has thrived.  All of our members agree to abide by the Code. As a research buyer working with a CASRO member company, you too support this internationally recognized set of principles.

Additional Guidelines - Social Media Research Guidelines; Pharmaceutical Adverse Events Reporting

CASRO publishes twice-monthly newsletters that summarize a variety of important news and blogs and also e-mails alerts regarding government affairs issues and initiatives. Sign up to receive this information.

Government Affairs
CASRO closely monitors legislative activity on the Federal and state level. Our Government & Public Affairs team, which includes our General Counsel, provides expert information and commentary to legislators and regulators on various issues that may potentially impact research business practice. Following are some issues in which CASRO has communicated its position and opinion. If you have questions about these or other issues, please
contact us.

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
Web Browsing/Tracking Technologies
Proposed Comprehensive Federal Privacy Legislation
Federal Trade Commission Proposes Revisions to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

Yes, corporate research departments can join CASRO.  If you’d like to join our growing number of corporate research members, click
here for more information or contact us.
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